HB64 Defeated In Ohio

HB64 was defeated in the state house not that long ago. This is great news for Ohio, however, legislation and taxes will be coming soon and as a vaping community we need to make sure to let our voices be heard.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Political figures who are in elected office get chosen by the voters. If you don’t vote you don’t have the right to complain about how they do their job. The plus side here is that if an elected official is trying to make laws that you disagree with, call them! Write them letters! Be the squeaky wheel. These people work for us and not the other way around. If they see that their policies are opposed by the very people who can vote them out of office they are likely to side with the majority.

Ohio dodged a bullet with HB64 which would have taxed eliquid at a rate of $1.13/ml. This is insane and would have destroyed vape shops all over Ohio causing unemployment to rise. This was undoubtedly a big factor in Governor Kasich’s decision being the big promoter of business that he is.

We won this round but the next House Bill might be even worse. Prepare to write letters and make phone calls people, the war has just begun. Let’s fight for our right the Live Long, and Vape On!

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Popular Misconceptions About Electronic Cigarettes

Smoking tobacco has many negative and fatal impacts, however recent research shows electronic cigarettes do not. E-cigarettes are the latest addition to revolutionize your vaping experience. With their regular use, they result in smoking cessation habits within an individual. For many, they work as substitutes to help most people quit smoking. But, e-cigarettes are not to be confused with a treatment remedy. E-cigs can have very low (or no) quantities of nicotine unlike traditional cigarettes

Another very interesting misconception about e-cigarettes is that they are harmful to kids and teens. If we consider the situation, these cigarettes cannot be bought without an adult. Your ID is required to buy one. No responsible adult would furnish them to their child.

Another myth is one about sweet flavors and flashy packing that is intended to specifically market to a younger demographic. To clarify, these products are not intended to be a treatment for nicotine addiction. They are intended to be a way for current smokers to satisfy their cravings without the dangerous toxins and carcinogens. In order to differentiate, retailers must distinguish them from existing “stop smoking aids.”

Some people raise questions about the safety of e-cigs. They say they are as deadly or more carcinogenic as tobacco cigarettes. To answer this misconception the FDA will begin stepping in. The researchers shows reports about the tiny quantities of nitrosamines (nitrosamines are chemical compounds of the chemical structure R¹N-N=O, most of which are carcinogenic) when compared to tobacco cigarettes. Even, nicotine patches and nicotine gums have higher quantities of nitrosamines than a normal e-cigarette

Clear the air around myths related to electronic cigarettes and look out for one, in case you want to switch from traditional nicotine smoking to a smoke free life, gradually.

Live Long, Vape On!

Proposed Ohio Electronic Cigarette Tax Would Destroy Local Business!

I’ve spent the majority of my life in Bryan growing up, going to school, and working.  I like the idea of local business and keeping money in the community.  I work for a small business and enjoy it.  The vapor industry backbone is local b&m shops that are helping people switch from the disgusting habit of smoking to vaping.

Vaping got me to quit.  And at a more reasonable price than patches, gum, Dr. visits and prescriptions, or anything else I tried. Ohio Governor John Kasich has proposed an increase in tax on tobacco. A move he claims can generate millions for the state budget. Squeezed into this bill is a new tax on ejuice, the first of its kind, that would triple the cost of a 30ml bottle here at the shop.  Takes alone would be $33.25 on a 30ml bottle, or $1.13 per ml. The price of a 30ml bottle would rise to $48.75.  Would I pay that for a bottle? no way. I’d find a better deal…..somewhere else. See what I’m getting at here?

This can be stopped however.

The great thing about our country, and something we often forget, is that people that hold office, like Governor Kasich, work for us.  The power is in your hands people, make your voice heard.  Contact Governer Kasich (http://www.governor.ohio.gov/Contact/ContacttheGovernor.aspx) and let him know your opinion about his proposed tax hike on a product helping millions break free of big tobacco.

The Overdose Mod By Ehpro

The EHpro Overdose Mod in Copper

This mod came to the shop the other day and I decided to give it a try.  I have been thinking about updating my Tree Of Life for a while but have been waiting on a high watt box.  I figured these mechs are mostly all the same, what could justify the purchase of another?

I may have been wrong in my thought process.  I took my Doge RDA off my current set-up and popped it on this Overdose. My .15ohm build fired almost instantly and nearly made me cough. Apparently all mechs are not made the same!  This mod reminded me of why I got into rebuilding in the first place, and also the importance of proper airflow. The minimal voltage drop brought new life to my Doge and as usual I am happy with its performance.

EHpro makes quality 1:1 clones and combine that with the reasonable price over the authentic this Overdose mod really does dose up the vapor as advertised.

Live Long, Vape On!

Break Free From Big Tobacco!

When switching from smoking to vaping harm reduction is the name of the game.

It’s no secret that Big Tobacco wants you hooked on smoking. Their business model is to get you hooked on a product that is proven to take years off your life. Reduce the harmful effects and get some of those years back by switching to the vape lifestyle. Come to our new store at 114 Clinton St. in Defiance, Ohio and pick up a starter kit for less than $20! For $15 you can get a 900 mah variable voltage battery, charger, and 10ml bottle of ejuice. That’s a savings of $10 off the regular retail price.

If you already broke free from big tobacco vape this one forward and introduce someone you know or love to this beneficial lifestyle change.

Offer good through February 14, 2015 at our Defiance location only.

Live Long, Vape On!